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Yoshie Hanabatake (花畑 よしえ Hanabatake Yoshie) is the perverted mother of Yoshiko Hanabatake, who desperately wants Yoshiko to be normal or find a husband so Yoshie can retire.


Yoshie has light brown hair that is tied in a low pony tail, brown eyes and an average body. She resembles very much like Yoshiko since Yoshiko inherits Yoshie's traits rather than her dad.


Episode 1


Yoshie is not an idiotic person like Yoshiko as Yoshie wishes for Yoshiko to be a normal person. She is very skilled in hand-to-hand combat and can tell a woman's intentions by looking at her panties. She is shown to be rather devious schemer, as she longs to be free of her idiot daughter and retire happily. To do this, she hopelessly tries to set Yoshiko up with Akuru, who wants absolutely nothing to do with her in the future. She is willing to stoop to deprave methods to assure this, such as trying to find ways to get Yoshiko to "seal the deal" with Akuru to ensure he'll marry her in the future once he gets a well-paying job. The extent of her immorality is best shown when she encouraged her daughter to drug Akuru and then "seal the deal" with him after leaving him vulnerable, showing just how far her depravity goes.

Like her daughter, she is rather dirty-minded.



Yoshiko Hanabatake

Yoshiko is Yoshie's daughter who greatly wishes for her daughter to become normal. She is utterly ashamed of her daughter for her stupidity, and constantly apologises for Yoshiko's idiocy.

Akuru Akutsu

Akuru is one of Yoshie's only hopes for making Yoshiko normal in any way. Akuru dislikes Yoshie for her perverted nature.


  • Yoshie's surname Hanabatake means "flower patch", "flower bed" or "flower garden".
  • Yoshie thinks Akuru Akutsu would be the perfect husband for Yoshiko Hanabatake, so Yoshie constantly tries to get the two together throughout the series by any means possible, much to A-Kun's disgust.
  • Akuru once said that she was 40 years old, which means she had Yoshiko at the age of 25.