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Summertime! Aho Girl! (夏だ!アホガール Natsu da! Aho Gāru) is episode 5 of the anime series Aho-Girl: Clueless Girl.


Yoshiko wins a vacation in the shopping district raffle and invites Akuru and Sayaka to go with her, but the disciplinary committee president and Ryuuichi catch wind of the trip and ask to go. The topic naturally changes to buying new swimsuits, but then Akuru refuses to go. And a surprising someone swoops in to convince him otherwise!


Akuru reluctantly goes with Yoshiko and Ruri to see the latest Prechure movie, and takes drastic actions when the girls are yelling at the screen. As the group goes to pick out swimsuits for a beach trip, Akuru announces his plans to stay home and study, but Sayaka guilts him into going with his lack of friends. On the day of the trip, Yoshiko's mom sees the Chairwoman as a major rival to Yoshiko for Akuru's affection, and ruins Chairwoman's bikini top.



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