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She's Here! Aho Girl! (来たぞ!アホガール Kitazo! Aho Gāru, lit. I'm here! Ahogirl) is the first episode of the anime series Aho-Girl: Clueless Girl.


She loves bananas! The aho-girl, Hanabatake Yoshiko, who doesn't care if she can't do her studies at all, starts yet another day at school. Her carefree actions of idiocy seems to not only cause trouble for her childhood friend, A-kun, but her classmate, Sumino Sayaka, as well.


Yoshiko Hanabatake is a stupid high school girl, that she even gets zeroes on her multiple choice tests. She loves eating bananas. She hangs out with her studious classmate and neighbor Akuru Akutsu, who is frequently annoyed by her antics and does not hesitate to physically scold Yoshiko. Akuru has to wake Yoshiko up every morning, and deal with her mom, who is hoping that Akuru will marry Yoshiko to take care of her. Their classmate Sayaka Sumino discovers Akuru does not have any friends and decides to be his friend. On the way to school, Yoshiko comes in conflict with the Public Morals Chairwoman, but when Akuru starts acting nice to her, the Chairwoman falls in love with Akuru.



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