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Security in Senior Citizenship! Aho Girl! (老後も安心!アホガール Rōgo mo Anshin! Aho Gāru) is episode 3 of the anime series Aho-Girl: Clueless Girl.


Sayaka visits the Hanabatake house! But awaiting her there was none other than Yoshiko's mother, Yoshie. Fearing that Akuru might be stolen away by Sayaka, she does what she can to embarrass Sayaka. Yoshiko joins the mix, and what does Sayaka do?


Yoshiko's mother is worried that the cute and innocent Sayaka might steal Akuru away from Yoshiko, and demands to check her panties. A large stray dog attacks the kids at the park, but Yoshiko tries to ride it, heedless of the consequences. Yoshiko eats domestically-grown bananas that are so good she literally sprints across Japan to personally thank the farmer, dragging Sayaka with her. Yoshiko tries to cheer up Akuru at home by acting like a mother to her baby.



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