Ryuuichi Kurosaki (黒崎 龍一 Kurosaki Ryūichi) is a boy trying to be Akutsu's friend. He's attending the same school as Yoshiko, Akutsu and the others.


Ryuuichi has dyed blond hair and is generally seen in his school uniform.


When he first appeared, he was shown to be just your typical delinquent. However after meeting Yoshiko and Akutsu he became a lot nicer and shows his idiotic side more.




Akuru AkutsuEdit

He tries his best to become friends with Akutsu.

Yoshiko HanabatakeEdit

He is a close friend of Yoshiko. Even going as far as calling her Sis.

Yoshie HanabatakeEdit

He doesn't have a good relationship with Yoshiko's Mother.

Sayaka SuminoEdit

At first he said that Sayaka was cute and seems to have romantic interest in Sayaka. However after becoming friends with Yoshiko he seems to have lost that romantic interest.


  • His blood type is B
  • The manga author based him off of Kurosaki Ichigo from the anime Bleach.