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Ryuuichi Kurosaki (黒崎 龍一 Kurosaki Ryūichi) is a delinquent guy whom Yoshiko Hanabatake interacts with and he becomes her disciple, calling her anego (アネゴ, "big sister").Ch. 4, 6 He tries to become friends with Akuru Akutsu but fails because of his shyness, and ends up acting more like his underling.Ch. 29 While he may seem stupid, Ryuuichi has proven himself to be very smart as he once stayed home and studied even placing higher than Akuru who was shocked that Ryuuichi was skilled in academics.


Ryuuichi has dyed blond hair and he is generally seen in his school uniform.


When Ryuuichi first appeared, he was shown to be just your typical delinquent. However, after meeting Yoshiko Hanabatake and Akuru Akutsu, he became a lot nicer and shows his idiotic side more.




Akuru Akutsu

Ryuuichi tries his best to become friends with Akuru.

Yoshiko Hanabatake

Ryuuichi is a close friend of Yoshiko that he even goes as far as calling her "Sis".

Yoshie Hanabatake

Ryuuichi doesn't have a good relationship with Yoshie.

Sayaka Sumino

At first, Ryuuichi said that Sayaka was cute and he seems to have romantic interest in her. However after becoming friends with Yoshiko, he seems to have lost that romantic interest for unknown reasons.