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Like an Angel! Aho Girl! (天使のような!アホガール Tenshi no Yōna! Aho Gāru) is episode 8 of the anime series Aho-Girl: Clueless Girl.


Nozomi, Masaru, and Mamoru go to buy snacks for their field trip, with 300 yen each as their budget, when Yoshiko tries to initiate them into the finer points of buying field trip snacks. Masaru and Mamoru follow Yoshiko's teachings as they buy their snacks, but Nozomi buys a single expensive snack. Nozomi's field trip will end dark and gloomy... or so they thought!


Yoshiko pushes one of her gyaru classmates to confess her love to her boyfriend. Yoshiko helps the park kids shop for snacks for their upcoming field trip. Sayaka tries and fails to curb the Chairwoman's stalker behavior towards Akuru. Yoshiko and Dog meet Sayaka's Pomeranian.



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