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Kuroko Shiina (椎名 黒子 Shīna Kuroko) is one of the characters in the Aho-Girl series.


Kuroko is a white-skinned girl long black hair that has bangs on both sides, reddish-brown eyes and she is usually seen in her school uniform.


Kuroko is a usually calm and collected girl who is often seen socializing with Akane Eimura and Kii Hiiragi.



Relationships Unknown

Akane Eimura

She happens to be friends with Akane, as well as Kii. They are all mostly seen together, with the exception of her calling her unknown boyfriend.

Kii Hiiragi

Yoshiko Hanabatake

Akuru Akutsu

She hates Akuru with a passion after his little stunt to upset Akane. And has been mostly been the peanut gallery so far


  • The given name Kuroko means "black" (黒) (kuro) and "child" (子) (ko); the surname Shiina means "chinquapint" (椎) (shii) and "name" (名) (na).
  • She has a unnamed boyfriend.