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Dog/George (犬 Inu) is Yoshiko Hanabatake's pet dog.


Big and cute with white fur. Has a red collar.


Smart, cute, understands people and human language.


Yoshiko Hanabatake

Yoshiko is Dog's owner. He was a stray dog, and was hostile, until Yoshiko befriended him. He is still loyal and acts as her personal transportation sometimes, even doing so to race someone on a motorcycle and win.

Akuru Akutsu

Dog is the only character in the series that Akuru is not irrated by. When Akuru is forced to take care of Dog, he originally wants nothing to do with him, but they become somewhat close when Akuru realizes he understands him and feels the same way about the scene from the movie, while Yoshiko would just laugh at it. Ever since then, Akuru spends time feeding Dog when not in school.

Pome Chan

They have only met once, but Dog gained an immediate crush on her. He tried to give her a bone as a present, and his face would turn red as soon as he saw her, and even fainted when she licked his paw. Yoshiko misunderstands Dog and Pome Chan, thinking they wanted to fight.


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