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Charge! Aho Girl! (突入!アホガール Totsunyū! Aho Gāru) is episode 4 of the anime series Aho-Girl: Clueless Girl.


On the night before Akuru's birthday, Yoshiko and Sayaka sneak into Akuru's room to search for a hint on what Akuru wants for a present. The disciplinary committee president hears of their scheme and joins them, but their plans are derailed, with Yoshiko and the disciplinary committee president going after a sleeping Akuru!


Yoshiko trains Ryuichi to be Akuru's friend, but he ends up being more of his servant. Yoshiko invites the kids from the park to a local Pachi Rangers hero show that she's hosting, but gets too involved in the story. Yoshiko's teacher Atsuko Oshieda attempts to tutor Yoshiko, but her efforts backfire when Yoshiko turns the topic to Oshieda's own singleness. Yoshiko, Sayaka, and the Chairwoman infiltrate Akuru's room at night to find out what birthday present he would like, but their combined idiocy leads to a series of accidents.



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