Akuru Akutsu (阿久津 明 Akutsu Akuru) is the deuteragonist in Aho-Girl.

Appearance Edit

Akuru is a handsome fair-skinned young man with short, straight, black hair with bangs and stern-looking brown eyes. He usually wears his school uniform and always has a serious expression.


Akuru is an intelligent and serious high school student who is forced to deal with Yoshiko Hanabatake’s stupidity. Though only interested in studying, he is unwittingly dragged into many of Yoshiko’s escapades much to his dismay.

Throughout the series, Akuru is seen as the straight man, constantly dealing with the eccentric personalities of those around him (especially Yoshiko) and is quick to make rude remarks. He is very upfront about his disgust for Yoshiko, often resorting to physical violence whenever she annoys him.

Despite this, Akuru is said to be strange himself as he is completely antisocial, having few friends due to his abrasive attitude. The only people Akuru gets along with is Sayaka Sumino and Dog who are the only beings besides him to have sense.


Akuru has known Yoshiko ever since he was 5. He is annoyed by her idiotic personally and wishes she would leave him alone. They're neighbors and their rooms are right across each other. Yoshiko considers him a best friend and lover but Akuru considers her a pain and a drag down. Yet, they still hang out and walk home together.


Yoshiko HanabatakeEdit

Akuru often scolds Yoshiko, due to her eccentric and stupid personality. They're good friends since childhood. He cares about her but doesn't really show it. He was the one that first introduced her to bananas (her absolute favorite food) and hits her a lot. A good example is when he punched her high in the air after she showed him her panties. They are polar opposites. As Sayaka said Yoshiko got attracted to him because he's weird, it makes him just as bad as Yoshiko even if he's very smart since he had only Yoshiko as a friend and not even a few other friends due to his rude appeal.

Sayaka SuminoEdit

The only person he considered as a friend. Sayaka befriends him out of pity after knowing he doesn't have friends, to his dismay. He gets along well with Sayaka, being the only person that he doesn't mind or yell at. He considers her "normal and has feeling for her but doesn’t understand them.

Fuuki IinchouEdit

Ever since she fell in love with Akkun, she has started deviating from the right path without realising it. She fails to realize her own dramatic actions as well as Akkun's perspective of her. She often stalks him and occasionally does deviant acts, such as laying in bed with him, and peeking on him bathing, claiming what she is doing is her duty as the head of the disciplinary committee.

Ruri AkutsuEdit

Ruri is Akuru’s younger sister. Though he does genuinely care for her, Akuru seems to have very low expectations of her and often tells her how it’s okay to be a failure, prompting her to not like him and telling him to his face that she wants a new brother.

Ryuuichi KurosakiEdit

Ryuuichi tries his best to become friends with Akkun, but fails numerous times until chapter 105 when Akkun says that he will consider it if Ryuuichi does what he tells him to. Akuru was shocked to see Ryuuichi was actually smart since he scored higher than him in tests. Akuru did compliment Ryuuichi on his act since he showed he wasn't an idiot like Yoshiko. But still it doesn't make up to much.

Yoshie HanabatakeEdit

Akuru is deeply disgusted by Yoshie's perverted personality and hates her betrothal plans of him and Yoshiko. Akuru believes that Yoshiko got her eccentric attitude from her mother since the latter's father was normal decent man.


Akuru initially did not like him but it grew on him since the animal was behaved and understood him. Dog seems to be the only other being besides Sayaka that Akuru likes or isn't irritated by, as said dog seems to be more intelligent than Yoshiko.

Atsuko Oshieda Edit

Atsuko has a crush on him, mainly because of Yoshiko's stupidity to make her look like she doesn't know what "love" is.

Trivia Edit

  • The name Akuru (明) means "bright, light".
  • In the spin-off, Tenshi Girl, Akuru says that he does not mind marrying Sumino.
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