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Akuru Akutsu (阿久津 明 Akutsu Akuru) is the deuteragonist in Aho-Girl.


Akuru is a handsome, fair-skinned young man with short, straight, black hair with bangs and stern-looking brown eyes. He usually wears his school uniform and always has a serious expression.


Episode 1


Akuru is an intelligent and serious high school student who is forced to deal with Yoshiko Hanabatake’s stupidity. Though only interested in studying, he is unwittingly dragged into many of Yoshiko’s escapades much to his dismay.

Throughout the series, Akuru is seen as the straight man, constantly dealing with the eccentric personalities of those around him (especially Yoshiko) and is quick to make rude remarks. He is very upfront about his disgust for Yoshiko, often resorting to physical abuse whenever she annoys him.

Despite this, Akuru is said to be strange himself as he is completely antisocial, having little to no friends due to his abrasive attitude. Because he has no qualms with beating women, he is also considered to be a believer in “gender equality”.


Akuru has known Yoshiko ever since he was 5. He is annoyed by her idiotic personality and wishes she would leave him alone. They're neighbors and their rooms are right across each other. Yoshiko considers him a best friend and lover but Akuru considers her a pain and a drag down. Yet, they still hang out and walk home together.


Yoshiko Hanabatake

Akuru's childhood enemy. Due to Yoshiko's spontaneous and obnoxious behavior getting in the way of his interests since their meeting, Akuru sees her as a menace and an animal. He's quick to insult or abuse her, and shows little to no patience when it comes to putting up with her. However, he actually cares for her, waking her up every morning, dragging her to school, and staying home to take care of her when she gets sick. He regards Yoshiko as his responsibility, apologizing for her misbehaviors, stocking bananas everywhere he goes, even spending all day compiling materials to help her study, all so that she won't bother others and hopefully becomes a functioning member of society. Even when he gets bad grades, he blames himself for not managing his time better between studying and dealing with Yoshiko, and gets furious when others sacrifice themselves to help him.

Sayaka Sumino

Akuru respects Sumino, and was really happy when she befriended him and gave him her phone number. He often praises her, calling her cute and kind, even going so far as calling her an angel, much to her embarrassment. He's surprised that she's friend with Yoshiko and him, thanking her for helping him. Her tendency to put others before herself both amazed and worried Akuru. He gets angry with her because she wasted her entire summer vacation to help Fuuki Iincho and him, and so he forcefully tutors her for three days. After he has calmed down, he says that he appreciates her help, but that she should put herself first, not others. He considered her his close friend, calling her by her first name, asking her for permission to sleep in the same room, protecting her from wild boar and bear, etc. He has considered going out with her, even marrying her, to avoid both Yoshiko and Fuuki Iincho.

Fuuki Iinchou

Ever since she fell in love with A-Kun, she has started deviating from the right path without realizing it. She fails to realize her own dramatic actions as well as A-Kun's perspective of her. She often stalks him and occasionally does deviant acts, such as lying in bed with him and peeking at him bathing, claiming what she is doing is her duty as the head of the disciplinary committee. Akuru is creeped out by her behavior, but is still relatively polite to her, which likely stems from the fact that she is an upperclassman and good at studying. After Fuuki Iincho change her ways, Akuru admit that he respects her for trying so hard, and that even if she is still obsessive, he says that it's fine. When she confesses, Akuru politely rejected her, saying he just wants to focus on studying.

Ruri Akutsu

Ruri is Akuru’s younger sister. Despite loving her dearly, Akuru has very low expectations of her and is very insensitive, prompting her to not like him and telling him to his face that she wants a better brother. After that, Akuru gets on his knees and beg her for forgiveness. He tries to help her with studying in anyway he can, offering to tutor her, rewriting various songs' lyrics so that she could memorize the multiplication table. Ruri is one of Akuru's motivations to study, he is very worried for her, and so he took it upon himself to take care of her even if she remained stupid for the rest of her life. Akuru often spoils her, taking her to see a movie he deemed as childish with Yoshiko, treating her and Yoshiko with parfaits, practicing for a game to gift her cards for Christmas, all so she could be happy. He is also quite protective, riling up Ruri's classmate so that he would apologize for bullying her.

Ryuuichi Kurosaki

Ryuuichi tries his best to become friends, but Akuru dislikes him because he is a delinquent who rarely come to school. When Ryuuichi takes Yoshiko's advice of becoming Akuru's dog, he is considered weird and gross by him. Wanting to change Akuru's view on him, Ryuuichi studies so hard that he excels Akuru's grades. This, however, backfires, since Akuru considered those better than him his enemies. After some compromises, Akuru agrees that he will at least think about becoming friends with Ryuuichi.

Yoshie Hanabatake

Akuru is deeply disgusted by Yoshie's perverted personality and hates her betrothal plans of him and Yoshiko. Akuru believes that Yoshiko got her eccentric attitude from her mother since the latter's father was a normal and decent man.


Akuru initially did not like him, but he grew on him since the animal was well-behaved and understood him. Akuru is very gentle with Dog, as observed by Sayaka and Yoshiko. Akuru sees Dog as his best friend.

Atsuko Oshieda

He respects her as a teacher, and hopes that she can teach Yoshiko.


  • The name Akuru (明) means "bright, light".
  • Akuru has only ever wanted to punch two people in his life: Yoshiko and her mother.
  • Despite his scary looks, he is actually pretty kind towards children and polite towards his senior.
  • According to Ruri, he likes fish.
  • His motivations to study are: 1/His family isn't wealthy, 2/He's worried for his sister, and 3/Yoshiko.
  • His hobby, aside from studying, is Memory Matching Game.
  • He is an incredibly sore loser.
  • He hates people who excel his grades.
  • He is likely to be asexual, admitting to not care about sexual intercourse.
  • In the spin-off, Tenshi Girl, Akuru says that he does not mind marrying Sumino.
  • Akuru only has four contacts on his phone: Home, Yoshiko, Yoshiko’s House and Sayaka Sumino.
  • Akuru is a fast-learner, earning first place at a game he barely knew before.
  • Akuru is shown to have super resilience and concentration. He once memorize a whole vocabulary book while doing crunches, trapping Yoshiko, dropping rocks and setting himself on fire if he forget a word.
  • Akuru was shown to be insanely smart and skilled, proven by swinging Yoshiko around by her ankle with ease after she tried to drop kick him, and even drop kicked her while he was in handcuffs.
  • He doesn't have any clear goals for his future.