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A Hot Summer! Aho Girl! (暑い夏だ!アホガール Atsui Natsu da! Aho Gāru) is episode 6 of the anime series Aho-Girl: Clueless Girl.


Yoshiko and friends arrive in Izu Atagawa, change into their swimsuits, and head straight for the waves. The disciplinary committee president tries to flaunt her precious rack, but fails and is buried in the sand as punishment by Yoshiko. Yoshiko goes on rampage and buries Sayaka as well, and starts sculpting some ------- and a ***** on them too!


During the beach trip, the Chairwoman tries to get closer to Akuru, but is buried in sand by Yoshiko. Later, at the hot springs, Yoshiko and the Chairwoman try to confirm Akuru's "size" by peeping on him. Meanwhile, Ryuichi spends the vacation trying to delay Yoshiko's mom from ruining the trip. At home, Akuru agrees to watch Yoshiko's dog, and forms a bond with him over a Western movie. A group of Obon dancers try and fail to stop Yoshiko from upstaging them at their own festival.



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